300$ for this year’s Freshman’s Challenge winner – Makerere University

A design challenge founded by the Makerere University Biomedical Engineering Students’ Association (MUBESA), to empower first year students at the University.

Ms. Bagayana Shilah Mutetira (Biomedical Engineer), while still at Makerere University, founded the freshman’s challenge. She is currently practicing the Biomedical Engineering discipline at Mbarara Hospital in Western Uganda

The program has picked up pace in the past 5 years with every new student showing interest in the design challenge, to solve real-time healthcare challenges.

It is a way senior students usher in first year Biomedical Engineering students at Makerere University.

On the contrary, it is an opportunity for freshmen doing other related courses to take part and kick start their career path, ranging from computer science, IT, medical students, and many more.

This challenge convenes the first year students from different disciplines at Makerere University together to thoroughly scrutinize a stated theme/ problem statement and identify a related health care challenges and hence cook up solutions for the identified challenges.

Objectives of The Freshman’s Challenge

  • To bring out innovative ideas from all participants.
  • Sensitize students and general public on the opportunities of MUBESA and how well they can achieve their dreams by being part of it
  • Introduce first year students to the role of biomedical engineers in the community
  • To teach the students certain skills such as report writing, rapid prototyping, brain storming, budget calculation, public speaking, referencing, etc
  • Inculcate the spirit of innovation and creativity among the fresh minds at the university
  • Bring to the notice of all stakeholders in the health care sector that technology is the major route if our health care system is to greatly improve

This year’s will be the 5th Annual Freshman’s Challenge and will revolve under the theme;

“Innovating to improve comfort and rehabilitation of people with disabilities”.

The winning team/ prize money

1. The first prize: $300
2. The second prize: $200
3. The third prize: $100


DATE: 28th – September – 2018