Critical Care Donations

Critical Care Donations Day, story by Atim Claire


On May 10th 2017 College of health sciences was privileged to receive medical equipments that included a transport ventilator,baby ventilator, Carina ventilator, baby incubator, patient monitor and tools which were kindly donated by critical care solutions.These equipments will help students to be well versed with what to expect in the biomedical Engineering field after their studies.
The brand new equipments were handed over by Ms Lillian Muhiire who is the General Manager at critical care solutions to Dr.Kasolo who heads the department of physiology at college of health sciences.

The students were briefed about the operations and names of each equipment by the lead biomedical Engineer at critical care solutions Eng. Mafabi Emmanuel.
Critical care solutions donated these equipment for students to work onto understand their principles of operations and look at what technology has been applied.

We are forever grateful to critical care solutions for donating these brand new equipment.