Finalists’ Gala


This is an annual Sports Gala organised by MUBESA (Makerere University Biomedical Engineering Students Association). We named it Finalists’ Gala this academic year, because there was a special proposal by the 2016/17 finalists to verse other years. The Gala is a good initiative for new students to interact with their seniors in a co-curriculur environment. The gala involves activities like football, volley ball, board games (chess and scrubble), and athletics.

This time round we managed to play the following games; Football and volley ball. We could not play the sports because of time, therefore we failing to get all the necessary incentives. The results for the recently concluded gala were as follows;


Gala Football

The Teams that participate in the tournament are the individual years. Therefor Team one is Year 1, Team two was 3rd year, team three was 4th year. Year did not participate because they were very few in number, therefore they merged with other classes, for the few ones who were willing to participate. The games were only 30 minutes long, that is 15 minutes per half. This is because its very tiresome to play a standard 90 minutes, and on the contrary there wouldn’t be enough time to play all of the games of the day.

No Team A       Team B
1. First Year 4 VS 2 Fourth Year
2. First Year 1 VS 0 Third Year
3. Fouth Year 2 VS 1 Third Year

Top Scorer: Cheptoyek Davis, First Year

Overall Champions: First Year


Gala Volley Ball

The volleyball consists of 6 players and the number of quarters played are 6. The team can be constituted of both males and females. We try to make our games as short as possible to cater for as many games as possible, and the fact that the students are not that fit.

No Team A       Team B
1. First Year VS Fourth Year
2. First Year VS Third Year
3. Fouth Year VS Third Year